Meet Jeff Asher

Jeff Asher Jeffrey Stephen Asher was born March 27, 1958 to James J. Asher, Jr. and Maxine Midyett at Pine Bluff, Arkansas. He graduated from Pine Bluff High School in 1976 with honors and, subsequently, obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in History from Southern Arkansas University.

After several years working with the public (everything from selling shoes, to clerking in a grocery store, to making composition shingles) Jeff began work as an evangelist in January of 1978. His first preaching appointment was in Humphrey, Arkansas at what once was known as Argo Chapel. He has worked with churches in Camden, AR (1980-1983), Haynesville, LA (1983-1988), Amarillo, TX (1988–2004), Carthage, Texas (2004–2009) and Russellville, AR (2010–2015).

Jeff Asher married Cynthia Hyatt, also of Pine Bluff, March 6, 1981. They have two daughters: Rebekah Jane and Mary Elizabeth. Mr. Asher's parents, grandparents and great-grandparents have all been Christians. His maternal great-grandfather, Pittman Franklin Fountain, was a gospel preacher in the 1890's in East Texas. Eleven generations of his family are known have been faithful to the Church of Christ.

Jeff is a staff writer for Faith & Facts Quarterly. Since 1983 he has contributed several articles on a wide range of subjects. He also served as an associate editor of With All Boldness. He was editor of The Gospel Herald published by the Dumas Drive church from 1989-1995. He has had opportunity to defend Christianity in written discussions with atheists, agnostics, modernists, liberals, Jews and Muslims.

Jeff hosted a weekly call-in radio broadcast in Amarillo from 1988 through 1997 which was heard throughout the top 20 counties of the Texas Panhandle and portions of Oklahoma, New Mexico and Kansas. For twenty years his voice was heard on the radio in Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana.

As a result of his radio work, Jeff engaged in several debates on the air and in the formal polemic setting. In April of 1990 Mr. Asher met George Battey in a discussion of Bible classes with women teachers and the number of drinking vessels on the Lord's Table. He met Glen Stocker, a Pauline Dispensationalist, in a discussion of water baptism for the remission of sins in April of 1992. In 1994 he twice met Dr. Charlie Arehart, an elder in the Metropolitan Community Church, on the morality of the homosexual lifestyle. Later he met Mac Deaver in a discussion on the work and organization of the New Testament church (April, 1996) and Bob Berard on the question of church sponsored recreation (January, 1999). He met George Rajon in Corozal, Belize CA to discuss the Sabbath question (February, 1999). He debated David D. Bonner twice on the deity and humanity of Jesus of Nazareth (August 1999). He debated the necessity of water baptism with Dr. David Proctor (April 2005). He debated Ben Vick, Jr. on the subject of church support of benevolence societies.

In 2015 Jeff left local work in order to have opportunities for writing, publishing and other opportunities in evangelism. He still preaches by appointment, whenever asked, and will gladly accept invitations as his schedule and resources allow. Jeff became a licensed Texas real estate sales agent in 2015. He currently makes his home in Katy, TX where he is involved in farm and ranch real estate development.