Debate Charts, Notes, Books

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Quibbles Quashed. A brief set of debate notes dealing specifically with the question of the Sabbath. These notes were prepared and distributed in Corozal, Belize C.A. during March of 1998 and were responsible for generating interest among the SDA for a debate. (File size: 359k).

Notes On The Humanity Of Jesus. Prepared for the Asher/Bonner debates held in August 1999 in Amarillo and Lufkin, Texas. Contained in these notes are the outlines for the major speeches in the debates and complete replies to the false arguments then current among brethren. These notes also contain complete outlines of the pertinent texts relative to an affirmation of the deity and humanity of Jesus. 103 pages. (File size: 424k).

The Williams-Asher Debate On Homosexuality is a transcript of a radio debate that took place on January 20, 1990 on BibleTalk, the weekly call-in radio program for the Dumas Drive Church of Christ in Amarillo, Texas. (File size: 85k).

Church Social Meals. Charts used in the debate with Bob Berard on this subject. This debate was held in Huntsville, Texas in February 1999. (File size: 1,041k).

Debate Reviews